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Edgar the Sloth
« on: June 01, 2008, 12:12:53 AM »
Here's some of the notes for my new extravaganga for the kids!

Edgar the Sloth

You’ve heard of sloths?  Well, yes, what you have heard is very true.  They are the laziest but happiest creatures in the world. They mostly hang from trees sleeping all day.  Yes, they stay in their trees all day long, so now you know why everybody always thinks of things that are lazy when they think of sloths.  It’s because sloths are creatures that don’t do very much – you wouldn’t say that they invented ‘laziness’ because that would entail that they actually ‘did’ something.  No, sloths are naturally lazy.  That means that they were born lazy creatures and that laziness is just part of what they are.

only dropping from the tree to do their toilet business.  It wouldn’t make them popular with the other jungle animals if they did their toilet business while staying in their trees.  Of course, some of them were so lazy that they could not help it, and they would not drop from their tree to do their toilet business.  This led to many jungle court cases.  The spider monkeys were especially angry with the sloths.  Prone to long spectacular leaps in order to pose for human photographers, the spider monkeys, more often than others happened to meet sloth-droppings in the air.

Carl Klogg’s father, General Klogg, brought a sloth home for Carl as a birthday present.  It didn’t move at all. Carl was confused. General Klogg told Carl that that’s what it was supposed to do, nothing, (after all, it was a sloth), best to just use it as a foot-rest, or a seat, or something to wipe your bum with.  General Klogg saw so much of the world, it was only right for him to bring some of that world back to Carl, even if it meant wrenching it from its birthplace and berth.

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Edgar the Sloth
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2008, 10:49:07 PM »
Optimus Prime could kick Edgars arse with two axles and his trailer tied behind his back.
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Edgar the Sloth
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Even you could probably kick Edgars arse, so he's certainly not worthy to compare to Optimus Prime!
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