Author Topic: IM voice & file transfer through NATed dsl  (Read 56 times)

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IM voice & file transfer through NATed dsl
« on: November 28, 2002, 03:00:22 AM »
K, just in case someone here knows, I wonder if there exists magical tricks for making IM work better.

I have a (A)DSL net connection through a box that uses NAT. Pretty normal setup.

All IM services I have tried can do normal text chat. So far so good.

Yahoo Messenger is the only one I've tried that is able to do voice through NAT. What it cannot do, howver, is outgoing file transfer (if my connection has NAT too, file transfer is out).

MSN Messenger/Netmeeting cannot do voice, and not outgoing file transfers (same applies).

I tried PalTalk. Voice was a no-go. I haven't tried file transfer.

ICQ: Does it do voice these days? How about through a NATed connection?

AIM: Never tried it. Can I even use it wo a AOL account? And can it do voice through NAT?

Y! works for voice, and is my favourite IM service so far, but it is erratic for voice to put it mildly. Every 3-4 minutes the voice connection dies on one end, requiring a restard of sound. Earlier, this only happened in the beginning of a chat session, now it happens all the way through a conversation.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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IM voice & file transfer through NATed dsl
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2002, 05:21:32 AM »
The filetransfer is easily to get done on MSN.

ON your NAT forward the following range of ports to your destktop:
6891 to 6900.

This will allow 10 simulataneous connections :)  
If you use more than 1 computer on your network, consider splitting that range... so one gets 6891-6895 the other 6896-6900 (example).

Voice/video is another story. VoIP (Voice Over IP) would require a VoIP gateway to bounce requests to your computer. I've tried this a couple of times on Linux but didn't succeed. It seems some firewalls are able to this as well, but I actually don't have much experience with it.
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