Author Topic: the spoiler/dicussion/rantings topic for wot10.  (Read 162 times)

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the spoiler/dicussion/rantings topic for wot10.
« on: January 09, 2003, 12:38:01 PM »
hey didn't you read the title?  full of spoilers

 robert jordan doesn't  give the half page biography of the main characters!  or mabey i'm too used to skipping over them.

I'n my opinion  half the book could have been scrapped without anyone really caring.  i think mabey 2 weeks time passes between the end of last book  and the end of this book.

after the last book i expected things to get thrown on its head.  i mean sadin gets cleansed!  and with  the prechapters   brought out before the book came.  it seemed people were gearing up for some action.  we hear nothing of the arad domain,  or was it alteran   counter against the seanchan.

Matt,  he's stollen the series for many books now.  mainly due to  rands weakend states.  his wanna be selfish attide,  with meeting the responisibiltys that fall on him.  That and he's always in the middle of trouble and action.

 the middle third of the book made me grind my teeth as much as i giggeled in glee  at  finishing the prelude and delving into chapet 1 ( ok so it was about 6 am  at the time i wasn't in the most sane of elements.)

political intrige is all nice and all,  but  it was excessive.    the parts where the acepted in the tower weer sniffing out black ajah,  seemed of no substince at all.  think all that came of it was that they were scared (duh)  The only thing interesting  about the sections of faile  in the aiel camp  was that thiers dissension  not just amoung wise ones,  but the aiel that abandoned  thier clans to join shadio  are hating the way the shadio is changing,  and are in ways refusing to  follow.

where was the celebration by the asha'man?  dude  your not going to go mad anymore,  you won't die  insane with your body wasting away while you live.  i would think they would want to shout that out to the word, regaurdless if they believe it or not.  Do the asha'men and rand  get even 50 pages in this book?

guess we got to go another couple years  before  the taim/andred  argument gets settled.

Aes'Sedai  just piss me off.

Why did rand have somebody announce to the aes sedai sadin is cleansed?

Moridin  not a peep out of him,  or any but one of the forsaken  who gets turned into  shadar harans  play toy.