I just got slain by a ringwraith

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...Yah, I'm playing the FotR-game that's pretty new. Okay, some parts of it are very good, so far, and I love the details. But.. I mean.. In the intro they show a pic of Gollum with the comment "the weak get corrupted". Dude, the whole point is that the dear Sméagol withstood it quite well. Also, the "acting" is very..bland.

...That's okay, though. What gets me is this: "Distract the black riders by throwing rocks".. What the fuck? "Muahaha! I'll fool the ringwraith by lobbing rocks in a direction, whilst running the other way". Somehow I just don't get a terrifying feeling from them, when they go around sniffing at mere thrown rocks, scratching their heads.
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