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« on: February 06, 2003, 11:05:52 AM »
Last wednesday at work my brother collapsed in the early hours of the morning and had some form of seizure, was taken to hospital and checked out and all the usual stuff you'd expect. Nothing was found and he was sent home, with a appointment with the neurologist pending on the 24th. Yesterday he went the doctors as he's had a headache ever since, feels sick, aches etc and so was put on co - proxamol. This morning it was no better, worse if anything and so taken back to the docotors who's sent him direct to the neurologist this morning via A & E.  As you can imagine this means that everyone in the house is no running about, well no, they've gone actually. Its me left as things still need to be done. Its not so much thats theres something wrong thats bothering me its the fact that at the momment none of us now what it is and that the waiting allows that time in peoples minds to think all the possible situations, invariably the worse ones. Hopefully this will be ended by this afternoon at the latest if not this morning, its still only just gone 10. Feel free to reply to this in someway but even if you don't it doesn't matter, I just needed to write down for myself whats going on and to get my feelings in some kind of order.


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