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Something I Wrote
« on: September 01, 2003, 10:45:11 PM »
Thought And Life

'm sittin here, smokin a joint and listenin to a bit of leonard cohen and an idea struck me.
it wasn't a very pleasant involved a candle, chains, a firelighter and a box of matches.. so after a few moments enthusiastic consideration i shelved this idea for later.. and pondered anew.

some few tokes later, my fingers poised expectantly over the keyboard of my laptop.. i realised that I didn't really have any ideas at mind was a blank!
now this shocked me as normally my mind is buzzing with ideas and possibilities and delightfully multicoloured pixies and koalla bears. It occured to me that perhaps our thoughts are alive, perhaps our minds are tiny little universes, filled with tiny little galaxies and planets.. and on these planets reside.. our thoughts.
Now the doorway to our minds is a fickle thing, and can often be persuaded to shrink or even expand (as many of our more promiment drug users shall be aware of) to allow new and exciting ideas through..ideas that our normal 'door' or "state of mind" block from entering the domain of "real".. or OUR world..

thus, in smoking or taking mind altering and expanding drugs.. we are actually giving life, to millions upon millions of tiny little thoughts that spring into our mind and entertain us, living out their brief lives racing through our synapses and metaphorical neural-nets. of course, when we concentrate our attention on these creatures.. as you may be aware, it is often difficult to maintain a grasp of their being and they.. flutter away. By concentrating and analyzing these abstract beings we are shutting the doorway to their world, not letting ourselves be awed by the world and isntead having to try and interpret and catagorise it..
The only way to understand and truly know our universe, and all those within and without.. is to open our minds, to anything and everything... not to look intently at one single thing but to contemplate all and entertain different notions and prospects.

Keep an open mind, if not for your sake.. then for the sake of the world, and all the creatures of thought and light that wish to cross over and make it a better place.
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