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Europe is Back!!!
« on: October 03, 2003, 02:58:23 PM »
Europe is Back

EUROPE, Scandinavias biggest rockband ever is reuniting for a worldtour, new album and DVD.

The band, Joey Tempest, John Norum, Mic Michaeli, John Levén and Ian Haugland have long talked about getting back together.

"After the first band jam in years it felt so right, like we've just been away for a lunchbreak" ?
Ian Haugland

Mic Michaeli adds "Also, touring has always been a big part for the band and we look forward to some hard work again".

Their manager, Petri H. Lundén, founder/owner of the Gothenburg based artist management Talent Trust says "The market is absolutely crazy about the idea of Europe getting back together since they decided to split when
they were still at the top of their game, which in itself is unique. We and the band made a set-up which made the reunion decision inevitable".

"Ever since we started there has been something magic about this band?"
John Norum says.
"The new stuff sounds fresh and hard but still with the typical Europe melodies in focus" says Joey Tempest, ".. and extremely organic" John Norum finishes.

"With my new project Einstein/Marcello management, co-operation with Revolver film, producing other acts through GEM music in addition to the work with my coming soloalbum this in itself is to much for me to cope
with, let alone an Europe reunion" says Kee Marcello who has however promised to join the band on the forthcoming worldtour.

"To finally once again meet our fans throughout the world feels incredibly inspiring, its them that made us what we are today" ?
John Levén

Negotiations are currently in progress with with recordcompanies regarding the release of the new CD and DVD, and promoters regarding the world tour.

The band currently declines any personal interviews due to heavy workload in writing and recording new material. Any requests should be forwarded to the bands management Talent Trust.

Europe has sold in excess of 10 million albums worldwide and the superhit
"Final Countdown" has been no. #1 in 25 different countries.


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