i love books & literature

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you little copycat shit
Lesbians shouldnt be allowed to use dildos. They have made their choice

My balls are exceptional, but not weird.

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"Yarr!  I offer pie for your silence"

"You not buy our silence with with that"

"We require pie and a half"

"Mmmm..... 1.5 pie" -that's- literature I can get into. ;)

-- :D
A friend is someone who pretends they like you, when they really think you should be raped by mad chimpanzees and then thrown to a pack of vicious dogs.

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Hong's 1st law:  "It's only the other people who are munchkins"
Hong's 2nd law: "Thinking too hard about fantasy is bad"
Hong's 3rd law: "Any sufficiently widespread magic is indistinguishable from technology"