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I know giving African nations plenty of aid seems like the nice thing to do, but it doesn't really seem to be working.

Did you know foreign aid organisations target African university graduates to become aid workers?

Rather than encouraging these people to help their fucked up countries out by educating others, they turn them into food distributers. Why would aid organisations have a vested interested in maintaining the status quo in povery stricken nations? Nobody will give money to an organisation based in a country that doesn't have the thousands of starving people perhaps? I know that sounds like some crazy conspiracy, but even if it isn't a conspiracy it's a stupid thing to do.

I know feeding starving people seems more important than educating the masses, but if the masses WERE educated and their governments didn't use the countries useable soil for cash crops, they'd probably be able to feed themselves.

Just a thought.
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Of course the money should be spent wisely, and preferably on things that help structurally, but that does not take away that foreign aid has been way too low.

Another interesting snippet here:
While the amount of aid from some countries such as the U.S. might look very generous in sheer dollar terms (ignoring the percentage issue for the moment), the World Bank also points out that at the World Economic Forum in New York, February 2002, “[U.S. Senator Patrick] Leahy noted that two-thirds of US government aid goes to only two countries: Israel and Egypt. Much of the remaining third is used to promote US exports or to fight a war against drugs that could only be won by tackling drug abuse in the United States.”
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I'm not voting on this pole I want a third option, both candidates seem to be unfit to rule!
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