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Pron to be Wild?

Is Rushdie becoming a dirty old man? Or is it just the stigma attached with men who date women who can just as easily be their daughters. The article is objective in defining the difference is Pornography and Erotica, which I personally believe to be two vastly different forms of entertainment. * was created for basal satisfaction, erotica is an art that deconstructs desire and what humanity is about (considering that our basic needs are essentially to breathe, eat, drink and procreate).

And are the women being exploited by the * industry? Because sex sells so well these days, if you don't do sex, no one will buy you. But those women in the trashy * industry are willing volunteers, are they not? They could just as easily have chosen to do something more moral, although suffer a smaller paycheck. And where established media personalities are concerned, there honestly should not be a worry. They ARE media personalities afterall; they love the taboo that comes with all things risque.
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I wrote an (admittedly, pretty poor) paper on pornography last year, and I found it quite amazing at how both sides clearly seperate erotica, and then continue to confuse it up in the whole issue. if we accept that erotica is much different than pornography, why is it always brought up in pornography debates?

Personally though, I dont feel the differences are as pronounced as people say... one is art and the other is vulgar and tasteless... who defines art?
I mean, One is created to aroused feelings of interest and desire and similtaneously challenge our base assumptions and that of society. <- which is it, * or erotica?

Women aren't exploited by the * industry.  Its true that pornography may influence/change some guys attitudes towards women, but thats an individual thing, its extremely difficult to say that pornography exploits women as a whole because of this. If someone has a fucked up idea about women and rapes and beats one in a park late one night, his home collection of pornography will be scape-goated as the blame.

As a male I've tried very hard to understand the femenist movement. But I'm not sure women are as institutionally oppressed as claimed by some (probably single) femenist nuts at uni.
Any of you girls feel like you're excluded/treated unfairly because you're female? And do you think that pornography is unfair on you.?